The Protection Of Your Glasses For UK Women With Best Sales

Here I want to tell you how to protect your glasses.Most of customers have many problems for their glasses because the lens of their glasses for UK women is easy scratched.Here I would like to tell you two ways to protect your glasses.

glasses for women1

Glasses cloth is used for glasses with best sales.If the lens is dirty or contaminated with tap water, wash, add a little detergent lenses, with tap water rinse clean with a paper towel, slipped into the water can drain. Mirror cloth fiber gap is larger, with the time will be piled a lot of dust, so with such a mirror cloth wipe the glasses will be more. Keep in mind that you can’t use a mirror cloth or clothes to dry the lens!

glasses for women2

Please use the cheap glasses box.Don’t wear glasses, please use the cloth into glasses glasses box. Please avoid and retain the pest control agent, detergent, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other corrosive materials touch, otherwise it will form a lens frame, deterioration, decay, discoloration.

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