The Different Face Should Match Different Style Of Frames Of Glasses For UK Men With Best Sales

Here I would like to share some things about how glasses for UK men match your face.I will make two examples about round face and rectangular face.I hope this could help you to choose the right glasses for you.


The characteristics of the round face is plump cheeks, wide forehead, chin rounded, overall rounded lines. So it is necessary to match the shape of the hard frame. The square block is most suitable, fine box can also be appropriate to choose, in addition the round face is round, so to choose a relatively loose frame, avoid the frame stuck cheek. At the same time, to choose a small  frame of glasses with best sales height and leg position high frame elongated shape.


The long face of the human face is longer, the chin is obvious. The framework of cheap glasses can be used to ease the sleek, streamlined, also can choose more square frame, but should pay attention to the edges and not too prominent. At the same time, the rough lines eye-catching frame as the preferred. Color in a dark color and the most suitable for a single color. A vertical leg can produce visually shorten the cutting face of long face, high frame can shorten the length of the face.

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